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What is the difference between Twin Deep- Cycle, Deep-Cycle and Cranking Batteries?

Cranking Batteries:

Supply large current for short periods.
Accepts large charging current (i.e.  on a 100Amp battery capacity  smart charger/alternator 15Amp to 25amp is recommended).
Does not like to be deep discharged (life is shortened).
Typically usable capacity on a 100Amp battery is 35Amps. 
Slow discharge can deplete voltage output rapidly.
Basically used for automotive/stationary engine starter batteries.
Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries:

Supply low current usage over a longer period.
 Made for low current draw  slow discharge over a long period
also charging should be slow ( for a 100 amp battery 8 to 10 amp smart charger is recommended.
Typically should not be discharged more than about 70%, i.e. for a 100amp battery usable amps vary between 60 to 70).
Can be totally discharged without damage, however this is not recommended. Basically used for UPS inverter or powering a 12volt Dc system

Twin Deep Cycle or High Cycle Batteries:

These are a hybrid mix between Cranking and Deep-Cycle Batteries.
Can supply high short term demand.
Can be recharged more quickly than Deep-Cycle.
Typically should not be discharged more than about 55%%, i.e. with a 100amp battery usable amps 55.
Withstand deep discharging (up to 60% capacity). 
 Can be used in series with Deep-Cycle to relieve the load on deep-cycle if inverter used for regular short-term peak demand 

70 Amps at 12.5 volts = 875 Watts