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UPS Home or  Office Power Services


TBD Home Inverters offer their services to the Midlands community. Feel free to contact us with  requests you may have regarding household or office services.

Company Profile:

TBD Home Inverters is a subsidiary of Tara Book Distributors,  founded in 2015 to market and distribute Hubble and Hattie Publishers books on  animal  care and maintenance as well as true-life stories,  one of which was written by Robert and Rosemary Forrester called  "Tara The Terrier who sailed around the world " (available on Takealot or BidOrBuy and the directors and founders of Tara Book Distributors  in Southern Africa.
The TBD Belttt and ESGZUR Inverters are represented in Southern Africa by TBD Home Services, and are produced by  the leading power electronics manufacturers in China, with more than 10 years of worldwide distribution and experience, represented in USA by Target; Home Depot;  Best Buy;  Lowe's;  to mention a few.  They have partnered with  brand names such as Power to Go
They manufacture a wide variety of DC to AC Power Inverters both Pure and Modified Sine wave. They are marketed in Southern Africa as "TBD Bel" and TBDYZ, ranging  from 500W to 5000W UPS (Uninterrupted Power) inverters,  with in-built  chargers from 8Amps to 30Amps,  and from 1000W to 5000W Hybrid solar power systems.  
All products comply with safety standards, which include UL, CSA, IEC, CE and are FCC approved. They are suitable for audio equipment, home appliances, computer accessories, electronic game facilities, security systems, workshop tools etc. and carry a  year's guarantee against any factory defect. It is recommended to use PURE sine wave models which will run all equipment more efficiently. The improved  Modified  sine wave though adequate for most household appliances it is the responsibility of the buyer to decide between Pure sine wave and the advanced modified sine wave. 
TBD Home Inverters  is focused on quality powered electronics, maintaining  a high quality  system and efficient production flow, supplying  products with consistent quality, and specializing  in punctual deliveries, competitive prices and prompt response.

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